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Oh Emily that was HAWT! xD

pretty good. make em longer and with not so much weird hentai. makes it harder to fap to with a body about to explode. lol

PurplePrawn responds:

Sorry, I like weird hentai. Just be glad that her pussy isn't pouring blood and he's not beating the shit out of her while he's fucking her.

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So, If I'm being honest, I have no issue that your game is a hitbox collider, move script, and a physics engine... A lot of great games are simple. However, As I an see you are grabbing into the "adult games sell" trend and well they did, but they are taking a very big hit and people are starting to end the (my penis likey) impulse buying. A mans gotta eat.. I get it. However, if you want to be successful I'd recommend cross-styling this game. mix a genre into it. I myself, have been working on a rpg for 4 months and havent even finished the tutorial level because I'm putting waayyyy too much into it. However, if you're not a wizz kid in programming then add in some simple cross play or moral system maybe. Something that will hook players into the engagement past the sex scenes. Also, try adjusting the jump height.. Or add a double jump adding in a coroutine in whatever event listener you have. Have a float timer and listen for jumps counts. Also, maybe add in a kick attack for the bottle boss, this way if the bottle falls right on her it still takes a heart. Also, I'd recommend lowering the difficulty a tab considering it's just the first enemy you ever encounter. I didn't have many issues but, I'm a DDR vet. Also, on a LAST LAST note, Increase the trigger range for the boss dialog, I fell into the well a few times trying to get the boss to talk.. I see your effort and potential but, as I said, try adding in a few more things to make it more enjoyable and to "catch" people more. best of luck.

goldenlustgame responds:

Thaks. It is just super early alfa, It will be much more Adult gameplay. As u know it need time.
There is no need to get closer to boss. It is just 2 seconds timer to give u the view before dialog.

It's amazing that anything A rated gets 5k+ views in a few hours. my god all of newgrounds is a bunch of horny 14 years old isn't it?? lol

hey pal, I liked it, the concept was gud, I felt the controls could be a little jerky at times, but that probably just the way you had AddForce scripted.. I think there should be the ability to change view points or a mini map. on the larger maps I found it quite hard to maneuver also, I think the right click actually holds back the ability to replay fluidly. Maybe set it to a key like space. I guess what I mean is like right clicking to start and then left clicking to begin feel awkward (for me at least). I can tell you put work into this and and it shows good work man but, like I said just a few minor things could polish it a little! Oh and to be more specific with the right clicking I would try to left click to start but, had to right and then left first level and sometimes after trying again it'd ask me to do that again and in my frustrated mind I think I'd be more precise if I could immediately hit left click again to launch straight into a new path.. If that's more clear! I loved your game but, just wanna be helpful so I hope it doesn't seem like I'm complaining haha good job man!

P.S. If you wanna review my game (not as good as yours or as complete) I'd appreciate it. I have too many ideas on the alpha I released and obviously am too scared to go in any particular direction without feedback first!!

Sincerely, Keolamation

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it's meh..

one word to a fello artist!!

TITS lol

Sorry, but, with having 2 family members in vietnam a great uncle and a grandfather who one got one of his legs blown off and my uncle bill died of mantel cell lymphoma from agent Orange and watch his best friend die and had to shoot childern carrying bombs. The SHIT they where put threw and you are pretty much moking them. I find this in really poor taste. 90% of the people who enjoy this comic have 0 people in the military in their family so, they can't possibly understand the pure insult this is.

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